Ajax fans stunned: Brian Brobbey throws teammate in front of the bus in interview

Ajax lost 0-1 at home to Ludogorets on Thursday night, but managed to qualify for the group stage of the Europa League thanks to the 1-4 victory from the first leg. Brian Brobbey indicates afterwards that the pressure at Ajax did not go as agreed and points to teammate Carlos Forbs.


Brobbey was in the point of attack at Ajax tonight. He was flanked from the left by Steven Bergwijn and from the right by Forbs. “The pressure didn’t go the way we wanted. We just have to keep the agreements and then things will get better,” the striker is critical in front of the Ziggo Sport camera afterwards. Brobbey explains how Ajax wanted to put pressure. “We wanted to put pressure on the front three, but that didn’t always happen. It’s true that I was on an island from time to time. I often put pressure on my own, together with Stevie (Bergwijn, ed.). Forbs is still new, he has to learn.”

Brobbey admits it takes some getting used to for Ajax, who welcomed the necessary new faces this summer. “A new team like that is obviously difficult. The new players don’t really know how the system works yet,” the centre forward continues. “We have to help them with that as well. At some point it will come. There are a lot of new faces, but they are probably all good players: otherwise they wouldn’t come to Ajax.”

Brobbey’s open criticism of Forbs leads to astonishment at X. “Big. He wasn’t even present anywhere and at the last he gets a nice opportunity to score,” writes an Ajax supporter. “Forbs was the person who was going to put the most pressure. What nonsense,” another responds. Another Ajax fan reacts cynically to the interview of Brobbey, who, despite scoring two goals in four matches this season, is certainly not on target: “He’s right. Those newcomers are indeed causing him to miss his chances!”






















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