David Beckham’s Instagram loaned to Ukrainian pediatrician

A Ukrainian pediatrician has taken over football star David Beckham’s Instagram to show the work from inside the hospital during the war.

In a first message on the Instagram account with 71.4 million followers, Iryna, who is a pediatric anesthesiologist and head of obstetrics at the hospital in Kharkiv, shows pictures of when doctors took care of newborn babies and pictures from inside the basement where pregnant women were moved during the first day of the war.

“It was an awful three hours we spent together. “Unfortunately, we can not take infants who are in intensive care to the basement because they are dependent on life-saving equipment,” she said.

The doctor said that she stays at the facility all day and in addition to performing her duties as head of the center works as a pediatric anesthesiologist and offers emotional support to patients.

The first days were the most difficult. We had to learn to work with bombings. ”

The pediatrician added that Unicef, of which David Beckham is an ambassador, has provided vital equipment and generators to help provide oxygen to the children in the basement, and thanked them for the donations that have enabled care during the war.


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