How does the UFC work?

The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is a mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion that showcases some of the world’s top fighters. Fans can try 1xBet sports betting now on exciting events from this franchise.

The organization follows a set of rules to ensure fair competition and the safety of the athletes. To begin, all athletes are grouped by categories based on weight range. These categories are as follows:

  • men’s and women’s strawweight, up to 52 kgs;

  • men’s and women’s flyweight, up to 56 kgs;

  • men’s and women’s bantamweight, up to 61 kgs;

  • men’s and women’s featherweight, up to 65 kgs;

  • men’s lightweight, up to 70 kgs;

  • men’s welterweight, up to 77 kgs;

  • men’s middleweight, up to 84 kgs;

  • men’s light heavyweight, up to 93 kgs;

  • and men’s heavyweight, up to 120 kgs.

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How does the UFC work?Format and the octagon

UFC fights typically consist of 3 5-minute rounds for non-title fights, while championship fights have 5 5-minute rounds. However, some non-title main events and certain fights may also have 5 rounds. Before other great fights start, try to play best 1xBet slot and enjoy its rewards. Championship fights and main events carry higher significance and often feature higher-ranked fighters.

The fights take place inside an octagonal cage known as the “Octagon”. It provides a confined space for the fighters while allowing optimal visibility for the audience and officials. At 1xBet you can play the best slot games while waiting for the next fighters to go into the octagon.

How to score and win

Three judges are present at each fight to score the rounds based on effective striking, grappling, aggression, and octagon control. The 10-Point Must System is used, with the winner of the round typically receiving 10 points and the loser receiving 9 or fewer points. There is UFC betting online available on 1xBet where it is also possible to wager on how many points a fighter will get.

Fights can end via knockout (KO), technical knockout (TKO), submission, or judge’s decision. Knockouts occur when a fighter is unable to continue due to strikes, while submissions happen when a fighter taps out or is caught in a compromising position. Technical knockouts occur when the referee stops the fight due to one fighter’s inability to defend themselves. At the UFC online betting available on 1xBet, it is also possible to wager on how a fight will end.

Finally, the UFC maintains rankings in each weight division, based on the fighters’ performances and victories. Title fights are reserved for the top-ranked contenders and current champions. A fighter can earn a title shot by climbing up the rankings or showcasing exceptional skills and popularity.

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