How Regular Exercise Can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

The fact is: to lose weight, we need to burn more calories than we eat and drink. If we want to lose weight, we need to use more energy than we take into the body. Losing weight is an easy process to understand and much more difficult to implement. Losing weight will be effective if we tackle it in the areas of nutrition, exercise and psychology

Books and manuals with tips on how to lose weight, miracle diets, nutritional supplements, extremely intense and strenuous workouts that lead you to exhaustion and even reality shows. These are mostly words and actions that we encounter around weight loss. An entire industry that is deceptive and unhealthy.

The fact is: to lose weight, we need to burn more calories than we eat and drink.

Losing weight is an easy process to understand and more difficult to implement.

If we want to lose weight, we need to use more energy than we take into the body. This is the whole art of weight loss that has grown into an industry. With many options, the industry overcomes the powerlessness of the individual to make a firm decision to change their body weight, lifestyle, movement and diet, and to stick to their decision with additional motivation when the will runs out.

Losing weight starts in the head

Humans avoid discomfort and big changes. This is the main reason it is difficult to lose weight.

For successful weight loss, the most important thing is the initial decision, followed by the discipline of persistence. Our determination and strength are tested very quickly as soon as the initial momentum of initial weight loss stalls. Losing weight is a physical and psychological challenge for an individual and confirms one’s attitude towards life.

You didn’t overeat once and gain extra pounds, so they won’t disappear like that either. No miracle diet and no supplements will help if we do not conquer and internalize the basic law – to consume fewer ‘calories’ than we expend.

How to lose weight?

1. We firmly decide on the Goal.

A firm decision means that we realize that sometimes it will be easier, sometimes harder, and that we will persevere. Uncompromisingly, we will always decide to continue. Are we weak or can we do it?! WE CAN DO IT. We want! We want to.

2. Determine the time period

in which we will implement change, new and healthier eating habits and strengthen physical activity.

3. Let’s reduce the intake of ‘calories’

A balanced diet supplies us with nutrients and energy. Radical withdrawal of nutrients is harmful to health. For healthy weight loss, we need to reduce part of the intake, and at the same time, with a balanced composition of the diet, we must ensure that the reduced intake of nutrients will adequately supply our organism and enable it to progress towards the goal.

4. Use of ‘calories’ is accelerated by physical activity

The most effective way to lose weight is a carefully selected combination of proper nutrition and regular exercise. Exercise leads to the additional burning of excess calories while offering many health benefits, including improving mood, strengthening the cardiovascular system, and lowering blood pressure. Exercise also helps us maintain weight loss.

One of the best ways to lose body fat is through regular aerobic exercise. Aerobic activities are fast walking, running, cycling, using an orbiter, swimming and the like – in short, anything where the same movement pattern is repeated for a long time with larger body muscles. Exercises of at least 40 minutes long are optimal for weight loss, during which our heart rate increases at least enough to make it difficult to chat. 🙂

A good weight loss plan also includes weight training, known by various names: arm training, weight training or strength training, and although the name is not quite accurate, the word “fitness training” usually means just that. This type of exercise strengthens the skeleton, and metabolic health, and helps maintain an efficient muscular system.

Exercise can be carried out as training with your weight, ko we make some progress, but we usually visit a fitness centre or a gym, where we encounter dumbbells, free weights and several functional devices. Fitness (gym) is usually an interesting and pleasant environment where we exercise, and the misconception is that it is only for heavy musclemen.

Everyone who wants to exercise meets in it, each with their own goals, including those who want to lose weight, recover from injuries or simply relax with exercise.

5. Let’s find motivation!

No one else can influence our weight loss but ourselves. While we have to accept responsibility for persisting in losing weight, it is also very important to have the support of loved ones. Let’s choose the company of people who will help and encourage us positively, without shame, embarrassment or sabotage.

Ideally, we are surrounded by people who will listen to our “concerns”, and emotions, maybe exercise with us, create healthy menus and share the priorities we have identified in developing a new, healthier way of life. People who support us are a strong incentive to stick to our weight loss goal. If we don’t want to share our weight loss plan, let’s stay true to ourselves, and find all our inner strength and positive attitude to beat ourselves – ourselves!

It will pay off, physically and mentally what we can do!

6. A new way of life becomes life!

Reaching a goal does not mean completion. The achieved goal is a new way of life.

Good luck with your new journey!

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