How to watch out of market nfl games

If you’re a football fan who prefers an alternative to cable TV, it’s imperative to explore the avenues for accessing the NFL season online. Whether you’re eager to catch Monday Night Football, Thursday matchups, or the NFL Sunday Ticket, we’ve got you covered with comprehensive options for tuning into the NFL season using Apple TV, all without the constraints of a cable subscription. Here, we’ll detail how you can efficiently watch NFL games via the internet, on Amazon platforms, through a TV antenna, on Sling TV, and more.

The NFL schedule encompasses a range of game days: Mondays, Thursdays, Sunday afternoons, and Sunday nights, broadcasted across various networks such as CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, and the NFL Network. This diversity often poses a challenge when trying to enjoy all the NFL action without a cable subscription. Luckily, a plethora of alternatives exist for relishing the NFL season sans cable dependency. For additional informative content on Apple devices, do check out our complimentary Tip of the Day offerings.

Over-the-Air TV Antenna:

Compatibility: Varies among manufacturers Cost: Prices range between $17.99 and $149.99 Advantages: Access to free content from local broadcasters Drawbacks: Certain companies levy a monthly fee for utilizing their antenna-linked app

OTA, or over-the-air, signifies the utilization of an antenna to capture broadcast signals. This implies that you can legally receive locally transmitted channels and stream them directly to your TV, all thanks to an antenna. While the classic image might invoke thoughts of rooftop installations, contemporary OTA options are available for indoor use. Some variants even amplify signals, a particularly handy feature for rural settings. Notable OTA alternatives encompass AirTV, HD HomeRun, and Mohu, among numerous others.

Amazon Prime NFL Streaming:

Compatible devices: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Mac and PC, Xbox One Cost: Requires an Amazon Prime membership Pros: Free access for existing Amazon Prime users Cons: Limited streaming of select games on Amazon’s platform

Amazon secured streaming rights for 11 Thursday night NFL games during the season. These Amazon-streamed games remain accessible through NBC, CBS, NFL Network, and the NFL Mobile Verizon app.

Free NFL Mobile App – Yahoo Sports:

NFL-mobilapp – Yahoo Sports Compatible devices: iPhones, iPads, Apple TV 4 and later Cost: No charge Pros: Offers news, highlights, and live game coverage Cons: Possible data usage fees; exclusively provides live match viewing without replay options

Yes, free football is indeed available. The Yahoo Sports app provides access to a variety of live local and prime-time matches. This encompasses local Sunday afternoon games, along with Sunday, Monday, and Thursday matchups, including all eleven playoff games, the Pro Bowl, and the Super Bowl. While this may not cater to those seeking all Sunday afternoon games, it’s a commendable free option for football aficionados aiming to experience the NFL season devoid of cable connections.

ESPN & NFL Network via Sling TV:

ESPN & NFL Network via Sling TVCompatible Devices: Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, iPhone and iPad, Mac Cost: Blue ($35), Blue and Orange Together ($50) Advantages: No contractual obligations; offers seasonal subscription Drawbacks: Excludes CBS; optimal coverage requires subscription to both packages; availability of local channels varies

Sling TV extends two packages: Blue and Orange. To access comprehensive NFL coverage, dedicated fans might opt for the combined Orange and Blue package, potentially supplementing it with the RedZone channel for a supplementary monthly fee. It’s noteworthy that CBS is not included in any Sling TV package, and availability of channels may differ across regions. An overview of local channel availability can be accessed here.

DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket:

Compatible Devices: Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Chromecast Cost: Ranges up to $139.99/month Pros: Facilitates live viewing of all non-market Sunday games Cons: Excludes coverage of Monday and Thursday night matchups

DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket is included within the Choice Package, offering exclusive access to Sunday NFL games. However, for Monday and Thursday night NFL matchups, alternative options need to be explored. This choice may be particularly appealing for students seeking discounted online NFL game access.

NFL Game Pass: Compatible Devices:

NFL Game PassApple TV, iPhone, and iPad Cost: Seven-day free trial, followed by a monthly fee of $9.99; varied pricing for international subscriptions Pros: Enables game replays throughout the season Cons: Requires VPN usage to simulate an international IP address for live match streaming

For U.S. residents opting to enjoy NFL games sans cable, NFL Game Pass permits access only to post-game replays. The service does not facilitate live game streaming within the country. It’s worth noting that Game Pass subscribers residing outside the U.S. can access live games; some subscribers resort to VPN usage to emulate an international IP address. Acquiring a subscription within the UK is often recommended, requiring an IP address adjustment prior to subscribing.


fuboTVCompatible devices: Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad Cost: Initial seven-day trial, followed by monthly fees ranging from $64.99 to $84.99 Pros: Encompasses NFL Network, RedZone, ESPN, and major broadcast networks Cons: Pricing comparable to certain cable bundles

fuboTV operates as a live TV streaming platform, offering over 100 channels, including essential options like NFL Network, RedZone, ESPN, CBS, FOX, and NBC. The service employs location data to provide localized affiliate channels. Unless utilizing a VPN, viewers can expect access to the same games as those broadcasted on local network stations.

The Future of NFL Game Streaming:

Presently, the NFL maintains a primary allegiance to cable providers, rendering the immediate transition to live streaming of NFL games for cord-cutters less straightforward. However, the evolving landscape of streaming services and on-demand content suggests a potential shift in the future. It’s plausible that major sports franchises, including the NFL, will eventually embrace the live streaming trend across various platforms. Nonetheless, for enthusiasts seeking live streaming options during the current NFL season, the available alternatives remain indispensable.

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