The national team player took Häcken to the semifinals

Häcken, Eskilstuna and Hammarby will accompany Rosengård to the semi-finals of the Swedish Cup after the last group game round has been completed.

Häcken won over Damallsvenska’s top competitor Kristianstad with 3-1. Johanna Rytting Kaneryd scored two goals. Häcken started the goal scorer already in the eighth minute when Mille Gejl Jensen put 1-0. Two minutes later came 2-0, through Rytting Kaneryd.

Kristianstad’s Delaney Baie Pridham reduced the lead after 40 minutes to 3 – 0 as Rytting Kaneryd easily chipped the ball past the home side’s keeper after a dazzling play from the right.

Häcken won group 2 after three straight victories.

Hammarby also makes it to the semifinals with a full pot in the group stage. In the last round, Umeå was defeated 3-1. National team player Madelen Janogy put 3-2 in the 82nd minute, Umeå’s Sarah Mellouk reduced to 2-3 in the 85th minute. But Umeå never came closer than that.

Eskilstuna won group 3 after playing 0-0 against Djurgården. Djurgården had had to beat Eskilstuna to take a semi-final place.

The semifinals will be played next weekend and the final on May 26.

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