Women’s Juve, goodbye to Jeep: new sponsor from the GEDI Group (Exor)

The women’s team says goodbye to Jeep and welcomes a brand from the GEDI Group, controlled by Exor, the holding company of the Agnelli-Elkann family which also controls Juve.

Juventus Women says goodbye to Jeep . The women’s team of the Juventus club will no longer have the same brand as the first team as shirt sponsors in the 2023/24 season, but will welcome Fem , ” the site and online forum that has been a reference point for women for more than twenty years “. reads in a note. The brand thus becomes the Official Jersey Sponsor of the game uniforms (home, away, third) and training kits that the black and whites will wear in the next season in the women’s Serie A and UEFA Women’s Champions League .

Jeep therefore leaves the jersey of the formation led by Joe Montemurro . A move that could also affect the first men’s team in the near future. As told in the past weeks by Calcio e Finanza , the Juventus club is already looking around for potential new partners, not only within the galaxy of companies that are part of the Exor portfolio, as also indicated by the CEO Maurice Scanavino.

Juventus Women welcomes Fem, a brand part of the GEDI Group

Returning instead to the women’s uniform, with the new Official Jersey Sponsor, will make its debut in Barcelona on the occasion of the Gamper Trophy on Thursday 24 August. « Wellness, current events and trends, fashion, relationships and from today also sport, will occupy a space in the community of Fem, the brand part of the GEDI Group , which every day involves a large female audience of all ages, with particular attention to the younger generation Millennials », explains Juventus. We recall that the GEDI Group is controlled by Exor, the holding company of the Agnelli-Elkann family which owns 63% of Juventus.

” The partnership with Juventus brings Fem to the center of a sport that we are used to seeing only in its male dimension, but which hides much more, ” says Daria Bernardoni , Fem’s General Manager. « Discovering the world of women’s football with Juventus Women will allow us to tell many stories of athletes who share a great passion, but who, like all women, face daily challenges, in sport and in life », she added.

In addition to the presence of the logo on the sports kits, an in-depth hub will be online on the Fem website where news, videos and special content on women’s football will be concentrated. A space that will also have a special focus on the Juventus team, retracing its history and that of the players who are part of it, celebrating their victories not only on the pitch, but also in the challenge against gender stereotypes.

” We are thrilled to welcome Fem as our Official Jersey Sponsor of Juventus Women ,” said Tiziana Di Gioia , Chief Commercial Officer of Juventus. « This partnership represents an opportunity to promote the evolution of sport and the women’s community through exclusive interviews, podcasts and dedicated editorial projects that will see our players as protagonists within FEM ».

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