Allegri outlines Juventus’ tactical development with little advantage

After a poor start, Juventus found their way with five straight wins. Coach Massimiliano Allegri never had a complete list due to injury. The situation will improve after the second half and may involve some tactical adjustments.

For example, the coach has great faith in Arthur, reports The former Barcelona man skipped the early part of the game plan. In the off-season he had surgery to remove hardening of the lower leg. He returned to Derby della Mole.

“Arthur is a technical player, a good distributor who improves the quality of the team,” Allegri told the press ahead of the match. The manager will test if he can be the playmaker they are looking for over the summer. If that’s the case, he could switch to a three-man midfielder, said Tuttosport.

Otherwise, the coach is designed with a 4-2-3-1, similar to the one used before. The use of Federico Chiesa and Federico Bernardeschi as strikers was carried out immediately due to an emergency. They will return to the wings once the attacker recovers.

In this case, Allegri plans to bet on Cayo Jorge in the Serie A game as he is not included in the Champions League roster. The young star played against Turin for a few minutes. The coach later commented: “He only touched a few balls but you could see he was alert.” Juventus will arrange an intermediary meeting to get both Brazilians in form.

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