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Covering before the core aspects of Factorio in a sandbox game environment, we will now cover Factorio Mods and how to download Factorio mods. Going a step further, we will explain what language the mods are written in, a look into the best Overhaul mods. Modpacks and decorative mods. We will also explain how to install Factorio mods.

Mods for a game as huge as Factorio only serve to enhance gameplay to varying levels of difficulty, or you could add some Quality-of-Life mods to deal with the pesky annoyances. All in all, let us see what Factorio Mods have in store for us.

Factorio Mods

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While Factorio is a game that is incredibly difficult to completely be content with, there is so much to do and so many ways to do it. Be it either a spider shaped turret formation or a cyclops train track series lined with artillery.  One of the reasons the game is so addictive and diverse is the incredible modding community that have released simple tweaks to incredible overhauls that totally change the game and how it is meant to be played.

LUA Programming

Factorio is written in LUA language that is considered relatively easy to learn, hence the modding community continues to create captivating and interesting mods that take the gaming experience to another level. Even though the engine works with incredible complexity, the language behind it is shockingly simple.

Top Factorio Mods

Factorio Overhaul Mods

Overhaul mods are mods that change the game in a major way, from defense to building mechanics. Some overhauls also feature decorative overhauls. We have compiled the top 3 mods in the overhaul category according to the Most Downloaded in

  1. Space Exploration: Created by Earendel, Space Exploration features an expanded game for factorio players where you can actually customize the rocket you launched into space, explore other planets, asteroids and moons for resources and exploration while also establishing an interplanetary communication and trading system.
  2. Krastorio 2: Owned by raigaurd who created this mod that features an incredible number of buildings, items, new recipes and an overhauled combat system among many other things. In my knowledge, the most popular aspect of it is the combat system, and or the multiplayer settings. The mods also feature its own art which you can see on the loading screen.
  3. Sea Block: Trainwreck created a mod reminiscent of the popular Minecraft mod Skyblock, but in this particular mod, you have to expand everything from a small black in the sea and build using landfills with zero resource patches and obtain resources from alternative methods that the mods include using algae.

Factorio Modpacks:

When it comes to modpacks, there are two names that ring quite loudly: Angel’s Mods and Bob’s Mods.

Angel’s Mods:

Angel’s Mods were one of the few modpacks that changed the vanilla in a way that would not seem overwhelming to the average Factorio player, relatively speaking. It adds many new and far more complex ways to manage your factory. Such as additional and more complex levels of refining and creating plates, biological recycling and use of farming, a wide array of different industrial installations to improve complexity.

All in all, Angel’s Mods, truthfully speaking, will make the game a lot harder to finish but also far more rewarding when you finally launch that rocket and see it go.

Incredible work by Arch666Angel.

Bob’s Mods:

Bob’s Mods are designed to increase the difficulty of the game several times as recipes become expensive, and new ore types are added to the game. The combat system is then upgraded to integrate more powerful and diverse weapons as the enemies seemingly develop elemental powers as you start to see biter, spitter and worm types of Acidic, Fire and more.

My personal experience with Bob’s Mods is that it takes the game to a tiny bit more realistic science, you use actual chemical formulas to synthesize components in buildings. Not exactly accurate to real-world science but more accurate than the base game.

The modpack includes several mods and has its own dependencies and conflicts with other mods.

Top Decorative Mods

Again, two names come to my mind. Decorative Mods include Alien Biomes and Dectorio.

Alien Biomes:

Also created by Earendel, the creator of Space Exploration, this mod adds a bunch of textures to the map. Around 9 textures are registered which are named Snow, Grass, Sand, Crater, Snow, Volcanic and several types of dirt. The added textures add a beautiful aspect to the map that also feels natural. The mods are available in both normal and high resolution, which you should choose according to your PC Specs, which we covered briefly in another article.


Developed by PantherX, Dectorio offers multiple decoratives including colored signals and lights, and a variety of colored concrete which you can use on different areas of your factory, among wooden floors and a bunch of others. The way it brightens up your map is up to you, whether you want certain areas to be filled with flashing colorful lights or like a rather blue colored concrete floor in your power station.

Factorio Mod Download

To download Factorio mods, you can use different websites and sources, but the main source is the official mod portal where you have to make an account and prove that you bought a copy and did not pirate the game. The mod portal is

How to Install Factorio Mods:

Follow these steps to install the newly downloaded mods for Factorio:

  • Extract the zip file and make sure the contents are in the folder.
  • Locate the ‘mods’ folder, it should be in the game folder or in Documents.
  • Place the mod folder you extracted in ‘mods’ and you’re good to go.
  • Turn on the game, it will not load the mods automatically.
  • On the main menu, click on mods and manually turn the mod you installed on.
  • Enjoy!

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