Sandbox Games: Factorio PC Game for Best Construction

Factorio is a game that offers many different flavors, it is in itself a game that covers many genres and satisfies many different gamers. In its essence, it is a game about building a factory, that’s it. All you have to do is build a factory.

But nothing is as simple as it seems.

The genres that Factorio covers are ‘Managment Games’, ‘Sandbox Games’, ‘Construction Games’, ‘Strategy Games’ and even ‘Action Games’.

Factorio Development

Factorio was developed by Wube Software, the incredible game is powered by an engine that took many years of development to complete and stabilize. It was a remarkable feat by the developers who continuously improved the game based on data gathered by the 4 years of Early Access.

The game engine works incredibly, every single object works individually and in complete sync.

Factorio Expansion: Space Age

After the game was finally stabilized, the developers announced a new update that would be integrated to the main game as a ‘mod’ which can be turned off anytime you want. The new update will has the following points:

  • It will focus on Space Exploration and is named Space Age, featuring many planets and perhaps other playable areas.
  • Your rocket can now be used to travel through outer space.
  • New enemy design concept art was released.
  • The Update will give the main game engine improvements.
  • The new update will be integrated as a mod and can be turned off in the settings if the user wishes.
  • The update was priced at $30.
  • Factorio Expansion: Space Age is expected to release by August 2024.

Fun Fact: According to an old Youtube trailer uploaded, Factorio initially had Zombies as the enemy instead of bitters.

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Factorio Mechanics

Factorio starts with a single engineer as the only playable character that is stranded on an alien planet when their shuttle malfunctions and crashes.

Mine: There are several resource patches containing elements and minerals, the base game including the following: Stone, Iron, Copper, Coal, Uranium and Oil Deposits.

Buildings: Factorio features an incredible example of automation, everything -almost everything – that you can make by hand can be made by Assembly Machines. There are also Furnaces, Inserters and a wide array of other buildings.

Transport: From small distance transports covered by transport belts with different levels of speeds to an insane transport system controlled by high speed trains with automated systems.

Electricity: From steam powered technology to Nuclear power, there are more than a few ways to generate electricity for your factory, even the good old method of shoveling coal in a boiler.

Factory Complex: You can create any number of new factories, creating a system of smaller factories that are interconnected to make what we call a Mega Factory.

RPG: It’s your choice, create a factory in the shape of a turtle or a giant drill that spews fire with trains zig zagging through it. Even if your whole factory is destroyed, as long as you survive, you can create a new factory from scratch.

Pollution: With this concept of building a factory, you’ll have to chop off trees. If you don’t live in a cave, you should know that trees reduce pollution, and no trees means more pollution. And this pollution brings something with it.

Enemies: Now you are not alone on this planet, and no one wants to probe your body. The planet is populated by roach like creatures that are dubbed as ‘Biters’ because they, well, bite. These creatures evolve the more pollution they encounter, or the more you kill them as Natural Selection starts to take effect. There are Spitters and Worms who also evolve. You will see continuous swarms of stronger and stronger enemies that want to either tear you apart or drown you in acid.

Defense: While you may get overwhelmed when about thousands of biters and spitters swarm at you, there are several ways of defending yourself. From Turrets that fire bullets automatically, Lasers that shoot highly penetrating electromagnetic waves, upgradable bullets from piercing to nuclear-powered, a wide array of explosives with landmines including the infamous indirect Nuclear Explosion.

Unlimited: The map literally never ends; you can extend as far as you wish and build as much as you want or before your CPU comes to terms that it literally cannot handle the ridiculous amounts of individual objects it has to render and process while you keep building Mega Factories in your quest to create an Ultra Factory.

Factorio System Requirements

While System Requirements for games can vary, I will provide you with the very least specs you need to smoothly play.

Ram: 2GB

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66 GHz

GPU: Geforce GTX 260

HDD: 2- 4 GB

Even though it is recommended to have 4GB RAM, you can play at 2GB for simple factories with no trouble except if you start to go crazy. You can even play the game without any graphic card (CPUs also have integrated Graphical Memory), but for animations and better graphics, it is recommended to have 1GB to 2GB VRAM.

Factorio Download

Factorio download - factorio game

Factorio is available on Steam or on Wube Software for $12, with $4 for the exclusive soundtrack.

Factorio also features a demo that you can download for free and try out the game. To be honest, the developers deserve every penny for their hard work in creating such an amazing game.


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