Gravina announces Italian Football Association’s plans to host Euro 2028

Gabriele Gravina, President of the Italian Football Association, proposed a candidacy for Euro 2028. “The process started a few days ago and we are very interested. Our country needs a big event to limit this run. We haven’t had it in years. I hope the government shares our intentions and gives us real help to make the stadiums more modern and build new ones. I want my cycle to end with this achievement. ”

Gravina’s second term ends in 2024 and she will be in charge of the entire selection process. Italy hosted the European Championships twice in 1968 and 1990. The last international tournament they were designed for was the 1990 World Cup. Last summer, several matches of the walking competition were held in Rome.

Gravina spoke at a sports festival in Trento, as Calcio e Finanza wrote: “We need to recognize the importance of investing in critical assets such as infrastructure. Unfortunately, we need a big event to stimulate it. It was a failure in planning. However, if necessary, I will. ”

UEFA and CONMEMBOL recently confirmed rumors of clashes between the European and South American champions. However, they did not provide a date or location. Gravina weighed: “I’m sure that the match between Italy and Argentina will take place at some point. It would be romantic if they played in Naples, even though other cities are on the way. This trophy will be indispensable in the future.”

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