Sandbox Games for PC: People Playground for Best Physics

“People Playground” is a sandbox game that provides players with an open environment to experiment with various elements and scenarios. It’s important to note that “People Playground” has a physics-based simulation engine, and the primary focus is on experimentation and creativity rather than traditional gameplay objectives.

But before i proceed, let me start by telling you briefly what you really need to know about this game.

What Is Sandbox Games

Sandbox games are games that, as the name suggests, give you the freedom of a sandbox. Whether you wish to build a castle, a 3000 meter skyscraper or a factory that manufactures creepy voodoo dolls.

Sandbox games are popular due to the amount of freedom they bestow upon the player. In this article, I will introduce you to People Playground.

People Playground

People Playground is a sandbox game for PC that allows the simulation of ragdolls in different environments. It has a Physics based engine that can accurately run simulations.

The game is particularly famous for the arsenal of melee and ranged weapons along with explosive assets but also for it’s ability to accurately display the physics behind this.

Main Point:

The main point of People Playground, to me, is to utterly destroy the ragdolls presented to you. Whether it be through a simple hammer to the head or a 1000 meter drop. While the game features heavy violence, it also serves as an educational game for physical mechanics. Things like collisions, shock waves, conductivity, temperature and even anatomy are reflected throughout the gameplay.


Let’s delve into the features of the game.

The Armory:


Whether it be a simple frag grenade, smoke bombs or the deadly Hydrogen Bomb, all of it is present in the armory of explosives. You can accurately see blast radius with real-time damage to the ragdolls. 


The game features many melee weapons. Axes, swords, rusty scissors or an old nail. Along with amazing simulation prowess of the collision dynamics. 


With intricate machines like launchpads, motion sensors and generators to even a Tesla Coil. You can create an elaborate factory for your not-so-friendly intentions. 


Featuring syringes filled with endless amounts of Serums with varying effects. Acids, suffocation or bone breaking syringe but also life syringe. 


Use everything from a bicycle and a tank to a hovercraft in your deliberate painful exercises.


A wide array of objects featuring pots, anchors, pianos, bus chairs and pumpkins among many more.



Change the temperature to a blistering 9000°C or chill it down to -900°C and see the effect in real-time. Turn the dial on gravity, drop it to zero or turn it 20x. For some reason, you can do a Negative Gravity, where the objects are pushed upwards instead. 


People Playground provides a range of celestial powers, blast thunder from the skies or burn everything to a crisp. Pull everything to a single point, crushing to ruble and then Push them to every corner of the map.


Drown ragdolls in the ocean or melt androids in the lava map.


Focus the camera on specific objects, be it a needle dropped on landmines or a ragdoll about to face the shockwave of the hydrogen bomb.


Freeze time to design the perfect execution or slow down to see your cruel experiments bit by bit. Kind of looks magical as the shockwave collides with objects.


Use rotation keys to spin objects at incredible speeds and watch as they simulate optic illusions.



Fireworks too small for you? Resize them to detonate colors with the power of an atomic bomb. You can resize pretty much anything from ragdoll heads to assault rifles.

Target Temperature:

Set Temperature of specific objects to your wishes. You can see metals start to glow in the visible red spectrum.

Make Invincible:

Found you favorite ragdoll? Turn it invincible to survive insane damages, though some weapons that create tremendous heat can straight up vaporize them. But like Cell in Dragon Ball Z, if a part of it, mainly its head, survives. It still lives!

People Playground Maps:

People Playground

People Playground also features some strange maps to play on. Let’s take a look at each briefly.

Abyss: Featuring a deep and dark trench where even light fears to reach.

Blocks: Giant parts of the map are disfigured with platforms appearing randomly.

Default: A normal map with nothing extra.

Humongous: As the name suggests, the map is multiple folds bigger than the default, so much that you could fit hundreds of thousands of ragdolls in the map (my guess and it will probably fry your PC).

Sea: An endless sea stretching hundreds of meters deep.

Lava: Just imagine the same endless sea but now made of Lava.

Hybrid: A mix of the default, sea and lava map with main features of each.

Slanted: A portion of the map is tilted upwards.

Small: The default map but just much smaller.

Tiny: Shrunk down to the size of a few square meters.

Tower: Tilt the Abyss upwards, featuring a giant tower in the middle of the map with the size rivaling that of Humongous.

Void: Nothing, the map has nothing. Not even light.

Substructure: A previously designed factory with different rooms, and some nooks and crannies.


How to Download People Playground:

Unfortunately, there is no free version of People Playground. People Playground is available for download at Steam for $9.99.


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