What is the most popular game in the world

Exploring the World’s Most Popular Games

In this article, we delve into the realm of the most widely embraced games of today. While several recognizable titles adorn this list, there are some intriguing revelations that may catch you off guard.

The realm of the world’s most popular game is an ever-evolving landscape, making it intriguing to anticipate the future updates to this discussion.

Fortnite – 250 Million Players

what is the most popular game in the world

The surge in Fortnite’s player count within the past year has been nothing short of extraordinary. Epic Games, the mastermind behind this sensation, revealed in March of this year that the game boasts an impressive 250 million players.

The impact is truly astounding. Influencers such as Ninja and Tfue, among others, undeniably played a role in the game’s rapid dissemination. Nevertheless, the magnitude of the game’s expansion and enduring growth is astonishing.

Since its inception, Fortnite has overshadowed all other contenders in this list, leaving us eager to observe the trajectory of its ongoing triumph. Although Call of Duty: WARZONE currently vies for supremacy, often commanding more Twitch viewership, Fortnite continues to reign as the predominant victor in the Battle Royale genre, and arguably the frontrunner in esports.

Tetris – 170 Million Players

Tetris – 170 million

For a considerable stretch, Tetris reigned as the planet’s most sought-after game. However, March of this year witnessed Fortnite’s and Epic Games’ proclamation of a staggering 250 million players.

Tetris, in all its manifestations, undeniably maintains its popularity, though there’s an inkling that it might gradually slide down the ranks in the future.

Crafted by Russian genius Alekséj Leonidovitj Pázjitno v in 1984, Tetris has left an indelible mark. Its omnipresence persists even today, despite my personal infrequent indulgence in it.

Minecraft – 144 Million Copies Sold

Minecraft - 144 Million Copies Sold

The brainchild of Markus “Notch” Persson, Minecraft, fittingly occupies a coveted spot on this list. As a fellow Swede, there’s an extra surge of pride for this particular gem.

Minecraft, under Mojang’s direction and with Markus at the helm, swept across the globe following its 2011 debut. Its omnipresence across various platforms is undeniable. While not a personal staple of my gaming routine, I’ve been captivated by its allure.

With 144 million copies sold, my previous certainty that Minecraft would ascend as the globe’s supreme game was unseated upon Fortnite’s emergence.

GTA V – 95 Million Copies Sold

GTA V - 95 Million Copies Sold

Rockstar Games struck gold with the monumental hit, GTA V. The outcome wasn’t unforeseen, especially in light of the franchise’s earlier successes.

What distinguishes GTA V is the masterstroke of incorporating three playable characters, not to mention the unforgettable Trevor. A genuine standout.

A captivating narrative coupled with challenging missions propelled GTA V. The game’s sales, totaling 95 million copies, continue to thrive, buoyed by its online engagement on Steam.

Wii Sports – Just Under 83 Million Copies Sold

Wii Sports - Just Under 83 Million Copies Sold

Wii Sports captured the hearts of all when it graced us in 2006. From friends to families, even grandma and grandpa embraced the Wii Sports craze.

Featuring an array of sports, including my personal favorite, bowling, to tennis, baseball, golf, and boxing, the game’s offerings were plentiful.

Nintendo’s genius lay in ensuring that the game resonated universally within families. Wii Sports’ enduring popularity is evident, substantiated by its impressive sales figures, nearing 83 million copies sold.

League of Legends – Around 80-100 Million Players

League of Legends - Around 80-100 Million Players

Taking the sixth slot is the unparalleled MOBA sensation, League of Legends. Its global dominance has surged within the few years of its existence.

Launched in 2009, League of Legends rapidly ascended to become one of the globe’s most sought-after games. The exact player count remains elusive, with estimates ranging from 80-100 million active participants.

Regardless, the game’s allure persists, poised to retain its appeal for years ahead, unless a formidable contender arises to challenge its supremacy.

Super Mario Bros – Over 40 Million Copies Sold

Super Mario Bros - Over 40 Million Copies Sold

Super Mario Bros, a universally cherished classic, secures its place as Nintendo’s second entrant on this list. This game held a cherished spot in the hearts of many during their childhoods.

With its eight worlds comprising four courses each, Super Mario Bros delivered abundant challenges and thrills.

Selling just above 40 million copies, Super Mario Bros proudly claims the seventh position in our lineup of the globe’s most beloved games. The future for gamers gleams brightly, and it wouldn’t be surprising to witness numerous transformations to this list in the foreseeable future.

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